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“The clinical microsystem is the place where patients, families, and caregivers meet. It is the lotus of value creation in healthcare.”(Nelson, Batalden,, 2011) Lilly Walden describes herself as an active, athletic, and healthy woman. In her mid-forties she continues to run 2–3 miles 5 days per week. Lilly is married with three children and is employed by the local school district as a speech therapist. Lilly describes herself as health-conscious. Her diet is balanced, and she is a nonsmoker and drinks wine on rare social occasions. Lilly has a history of asthma, triggered by environmental changes, and it typically requires antibiotic therapy for bronchial infections 2–3 times per year. This presentation will review the following:…show more content…
There has to be shared decision making between the family members and educate them about treatment of the patient since they will be helping take care of the patient. Acute illnesses often disrupt the patient, family members and the clinical microsystem that has to take care of the patient because of the rapid onset in such a short time. What disruption has this acute illness caused for the patient and family members? Lilly has to miss work because all over a sudden she is not feeling well and decides she needs to go see her doctor for more clarification. Her children have to be taken care of and therefore Tom her husband calls her sister to help with the kids on short notice, Lilly has to stay in the hospital longer because she develops pneumonia postoperatively and thus her supervisor has to be notified. After she is discharged she prepares for a slow recovery back to health and follow up with different doctors. How has this illness disrupted the clinical microsystem? Even if they always have to be prepared for an emergency happening anytime, there is disruption at the office. Dr. Woods has to be interrupted while she is with another patient, she has to call for an ambulance and the other patients have to wait on her for a while, while she deals with the emergency or reschedule for another day. The symptoms that Lilly is experiencing include the following:  Pain in her
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