Essay on desegregation historiography

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Equality and equal opportunity are two terms that have changed or have been redefined over the last 100 years in America. The fathers of our constitution wanted to establish justice and secure liberty for the people of the United States. They wrote about freedom and equality for men, but historically it has not been practiced. In the twentieth century large steps have been made to make the United States practice the ideals declared in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The major changes following Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her bus seat to a young white man and the Brown v. Board of Education trial in 1954. These Supreme Court rulings altered American society and began the desegregation and integration movements. In the 1950’s many…show more content…
Desegregation would improve the performance of blacks without lowering that of whites. Friedman, Meltzer and Miller agree that the presence of improvement does not happen uniformly among integrated schools. While Ian M. Harris writes about the Coleman study in his Criteria for Evaluating School desegregation in Milwaukee, and believes that the improvement always takes place when schools are desegregated. According to Harris certain requirements that schools and policies should meet if they are to aid in integration. There must be equality in school desegregation for all races and the burden of responsibility falls on all races and not just one. Further, fairness must bee practiced when giving demands and benefits to students. For desegregation to be successful integration must be the result. One of Harris’s strong arguments is about the “forced voluntary” strategy for desegregation. This system to desegregate places the burden on black parents and children. There must be a racial balance in the system of administrators, teachers and role models for black students. When desegregating schools Harris says bussing is not the answer. Rather “forced voluntary” is the way of action. Allowing students to choose which schools they would like to attend instead of making them go to a specific school lets them feel like they had a choice in the matter. This leaves way for integration to occur
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