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Paul Fieldsend DEVELOPING CRITICAL THINKING Be able to critically assess own beliefs, attitudes and value systems THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BELIEFS, VALUE AND ATTITUDES Beliefs, attitudes and values are three little words that have and make a massive impact on who we are as individuals, who we are as people, and even how the world is viewed by ourselves and others. A belief is something that individuals or groups think, such as believing in a god. Where a Value would be the living life in the ways a religion expects, this value will be made from the belief that the person or group has in their God. The attitude towards this would be the feelings, beliefs and behaviour tendencies towards this, for example praying, reading the holy book,…show more content…
That said the thief maybe a first and one time offender and has other issues I do not know about so my attitude towards that is based on a very stereotypical generalisation, as it is something I would not do. However the fact that I would not do it shows that my attitude toward not stealing is a positive one. It is possible though that our own attitudes can be so strong that we become ignorant to other peoples values, opinions and needs. A strong attitude is often referred to as a value, where as an attitude with little significance or importance, are often described as opinions. Beliefs, values, attitudes and the impact on my behaviour. There are just several beliefs, Values and attitudes that I hold that impact on my behaviour, not just to the way I act towards my everyday tasks, but also the way I act around my team and my customers/clients and suppliers. The first is manners, I believe that people should treat others the way they wish to be treated themselves, so regardless of the situation I am always polite, courteous and professional in my approach. The value I hold regarding customers and clients, they are king and without them there would be no us as a company. I believe my team are the most important factor within our branch, so they are consulted about any major decisions we implement, just because I think it is a great idea to change something doesn’t necessarily mean that it is, after all my
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