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STUDENT NAME: _____________________________ DATE: ______ DISEASE PROCESS STUDY Purpose To provide a thorough review of a disease process at the cellular or organ level Link essential assessments and nursing care priorities to the client’s response to their disease process Disease Process: ________Pneumonia_____________________________________________ Pathophysiology at the Cellular or Organ Level Pneumonia is described in Tabers cyclopedia medical dictionary, “as inflammation of the lungs, usually due to an infection with bacteria, viruses, or other pathogenic organisms” (p.1833) The pathophysiology of pneumonia is broken down in four stages cough, red hepatization, gray hepatization, and resolution. The…show more content…
Physicians usually prescribe one antibiotic that treats a wide range of organisms. If the first does not work they will prescribe another antibiotic that fights a different range of organisms. If severe symptoms they will sometimes start with two antibiotics and do a culture that would show what antibiotics the organism would be resistant to. (2011. Pneumonia) Two Applicable Nursing Diagnoses 1. Patient has an ineffective airway clearance r/t excessive mucus aeb crackles in the lower lobe. 2. Patient is experiencing acute pain r/t coughing and deep breathing aeb wheezing in the right and left upper lobes of the lungs. (Ackley &Ladwig,2011) Priority Areas for Client Teaching These areas are important for patients being treated for pneumonia. Client education should include: Finish all antibiotics and the importance of finishing the medication. If patient stop taking their medication in the middle of treatment the infection can come back. Report any signs of symptoms of allergy reactions to the medication. Hydration is important and drinking fluids will help from getting dehydrated. Tylenol and Aspirin can be used for pain or fever. Note you should not give Aspirin to anyone under the age of 20. Rest is important in helping the body recover Coughing is ok as long
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