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Executive Summary
BrewDog is a company that has gone from strength to strength in its short time since establishment. The company has been experiencing rapid growth over the past several years. Through extracting the relevant information from a SWOT analysis on the company, I will look at BrewDog’s strengths and opportunities, leading to analysis of competition, barriers to entry and the threat of substitutes in proposed future markets. Through this I will show what growth methods are not suitable for the company, and conclude with my recommendation that simultaneous expansion of the UK and foreign markets are the most viable growth prospects for the company. I will provide analysis and discussion to show the validity of this.
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1.2 Opportunities
The opportunities for BrewDog are vast and include continuing to expand on its recent trend of opening BrewDog pubs and bars across the UK, and taking the business global on a larger scale than it currently is. The company already exports to over 30 countries worldwide (McCulloch, 2013) and although this is of course proving profitable, the intentions of BrewDog in terms of expansion are focussed mainly on opening new establishments. The company currently has eleven open bars in Scotland and England, with a flag ship store in Shoreditch, London. Eleven bars is not a massive amount, particularly looking at the success of the ones they currently have. Although expansion abroad is no doubt a high priority, it cannot be ignored that BrewDog bars are not present in Northern Ireland, although the beers are available there for purchase in other establishments and stores. This is an opportunity for expansion.
The matter of global expansion of the pubs is one that BrewDog seem very interested in, and understandably so. As mentioned, BrewDog already exports to around 30 different markets, and as such has a customer base around the world already. An opportunity for growth is to enter the German market, where the craft beer market is large,

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