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Stereotypes Stereotypes are generalizations and overgeneralizations about the member of a group; sometimes being positive, more often negative, having a resistance to change (Ziebarth, 2009). “The Disney organization does not create the stereotypes, they simply reflect them” (What about Women in Disney Movies?, 2008). Disney movies, however, are filled with stereotypes, ranging from social stereotypes to racial stereotypes. Although Disney movies are filled with an abundant amount of different stereotypes, the most common stereotypes seen in Disney movies are gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes are when a group is generalized based on gender (female or male). In Disney movies the most common area to see gender stereotyping is…show more content…
Racial profiling is common within the Disney films. Where it is most commonly seen is within movies where two races are mixing, such as in the movie Pocahontas. Disney is not necessarily discriminating against a race through film, but Disney is making a point of portraying race and culture through film incorrectly based on stereotypes. Aladdin is an original Disney movie which brought racial profiling into question. Simply starting with the names of the characters brings question about race into view. The two most questioned names were Aladdin and Jafaar, names which were supposed to symbolize the poor Middle Eastern culture, are names that originally originate from Russia. Also, since this movie was supposed to be in a Middle Eastern city, the characters all had a dark complexion. The dark complexion was correct on Disney’s part; however, what was incorrect was that all the facial features were European. By having the incorrect facial features with the dark skin tone it teaches children that they can sort people by race solely on a person’s skin color. Aladdin was portrayed as simply a “white man was a dark tan” (Disney's Protrayal of Culture and Race in Film, 2009). Another Disney film which had racial profiling in it is The Lion King. In The Lion King, white actors played the voices along with African American actors. The fact that Disney had an interracial cast was good, but the white voices played the “good guys” and the African American voices were
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