dixie weaving

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2) Why might Dixie Weaving employees choose not to cooperate with the consultants at this stage in the project? The observations and interviews will mainly concern the content of the jobs and the working conditions. Still observations will probably show how the employees are fulfilling their job. As you can read in the story of the article a lot of the employees seem to be disqualified to perform their work. A lot of the employees barely speak English and aren’t capable to perform their job effectively. So the employees are probably afraid that the observations will show that their performance is weak. The employees can be afraid that the observations of their weak performance can eventually result in dismissal or extra…show more content…
It is important we observe in an unobtrusive nature. 4) Do you agree or disagree with Joe and Ian’s time estimates for this diagnostic phase of the project. Why or why not? What factor would you consider in developing an estimate? We feel that the time estimation of Joe and Ian is a bit optimistic and more time might be necessary. We also believe that trying to fit all this information gathering in to two weeks might have a negative effect on the work climate. This because the gathering of this information may form an invasion in the daily routine of the workers. Yet we think some time can be saved by trading in the informational interviews for surveys. This can also provide the necessary information yet in a shorter period of time. Also the documentation review should be limited to relevant information of only the affected departments. The interviews with employees at multiple levels of the affected departments are of great importance and for this reason not wise to rush or replace for a different technique. As well the ‘examination of the job description and training materials related to the positions in question’ as ‘the extended period of observation of the workers’ are of great importance. Both these processes might lead to the cause of the struggles of Dixie weaving. This requires a lot of time and precision seen the fact it is very important for further help to resolve
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