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The Cold War Era was a time in history where there was hostility between many different countries. The one most notable was the hostility between the Soviet Union and United States, the fight between Communism and Capitalism. As the most dominant country the U.S. offered assistance to countries threatened by Communism. They felt that Communism was wrong and was not the right way to run a government. Between the years 1945 and 1980 the United States and Soviet Union’s relationship was ruined, which caused a lot of distrust between the two. The two countries never went to war, but there were a lot of disagreements, among them the U.S. was a democracy and the Soviet Union was under a dictatorship. Leading up to the Cold War America became…show more content…
Source 4 showed the troubles Mark Goodson had to face in the TV industry as a producer. He told a story of people getting fired because their names were in “Red Channels,” with that happening it could have had an impact on the TV station so somebody had to get fired. Goodson gives a great example of some things that were done after the meetings: “That was the last of that kind of meeting. Soon afterwards, CBS installed a clearance division. There wasn’t any discussion. We would just get the word—“Drop that person”—and that was supposed to be it” (229). This source gives us a clue of how some people were vulnerable to the anticommunist hysteria, they were forced to make irrational decisions or it could have affected their TV station. Throughout most of the primary sources Whitefield’s argument in Source 1 about the impact of anticommunism on postwar popular culture is supported. The impact of anticommunism made people more aware of what they were doing. Directors, singers, and writers had to change some of their behaviors and make sure they weren’t supporting Communism. Most of the sources reflected a cultural consensus; the agreement was that everything they did had to be against communism and only for the support of America. The only source that was kind of hard to understand was the story of Jack Kerouac. The source portrays a young college dropout who wrote a
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