drugs use among pregnant women

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Drugs and Pregnant Women


Pregnancy among women drug users, is on the rise in the word today. According to The Universities of Michigan and Pittsburg (April 30, 2012), a baby is born addicted to drugs every hour. These babies are at high risk of experiencing birth defects and possibly growing up to be addicted to drugs as well. Most are born at a very low birth weight, usually under four pounds; which is also an ongoing problem as they grow.
Drugs and Long Term Effects The drugs that women are using are marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, and the worst all, heroin. Heroin has long term effects on both mother and
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We now have full custody of him.
Caring for an Addicted Baby It was very scary for us to bring him home, he was so tiny weighing only three and a half pounds when he was released. Neither of us had ever dealt with an addicted baby. I researched and learned as much as I could about caring for him. I couldn’t sleep much for worrying about him through the night. Addicted babies are at a higher risk of for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). My daughter also has hepatitis from her drug use. So according to the Board of Health he had to be checked for that every three months until one year of age. He tested negative for that. Fortunately he has had no return of any withdraw symptoms and is a very healthy 17 month old and the love of our lives. In order for her to regain custody of him the court has ordered that she test clean from all drugs for a year, have a job and adequate housing. Hopefully she will accomplish these things but it will be very hard for us to let him go he has brought so much joy to our lives.
Parents of Addicts The struggle for the parents of an addict is the worst thing in the world. To see your child so hooked on a drug that she cannot even stop for the health of her child is a terrible thing to watch. To know that there is nothing that you can do except offer your help and support. I have watched her go through withdraws when she hasn’t had money to buy it. It’s a terrible thing to say but there were times when I wanted
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