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Cau yon reab mwat I aw mriting? If yon caunot reab it waybe is is decanse this is hom a persou with byslexia wight reab somethiug. A person with dyslexia has a very difficult lifestyle to live. To understand dyslexia you must be aware of the causes, effects strategies, and teaching methods for coping with the disease. “Dyslexia means having difficulty with words in reading, spelling and writing – in spite of having normal intelligence and ability” (Make the Connection).
Scientists have been interested in dyslexia for a long time. For instance a scientist by the name of A. Kussmaul started researching this disorder in 1881. He came up with a theory of a certain inability as “word
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The British Dyslexia Association welcomed these findings with care, stressing that the interesting new research would further endorse the fact that the dyslexic brain is different, and emphasizing a unique focus on language skills at a young age to help dyslexic children when they begin reading and writing (Make the Connection).
Children with dyslexia give many signs to help identify them. Some of the clues include, not knowing whether to use the left or right hand after being reminded repeatedly, leaving out capital letters or losing using them in the wrong places reading a word correctly but does not comprehend, forming letters numbers badly, and forgetting to dot I’s and cross t’s (Make the Connection). They may spell the same word several different ways if they don’t have the visual memory to know what is right or the kinaesthetic memory for it to feel right as they are writing (Information on Dyslexia). These are some clues to look for in writing. Some other indications are late developer, easily distracted, problems with tying shoe laces, problems telling time, short term memory problems, holds pen too tightly, and has problems with sequences. Some examples of sequences that a person with dyslexia might have trouble with include alphabet, months of the year, and nursery rhymes. Some dyslexics are also good at other things that may be traits of having the disease such as, good long term memory, good visual eye, and very

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