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E-Business E-business is the largest emerging trend in business today. The movement into e-business is dramatically changing the way people buy and sell. Business is no longer a one for all concept, that concept is being replaced by a consumer economy that is driven by choice. These choices are not only in product and price but in shopping environment as well, where their transactions can take place face to face or in an online environment. Not only are traditional businesses completing their transactions with other businesses in such an online format, but such transactions are taking place between businesses and consumers as well as consumers to consumers. The following paper outlines some of the differences and similarities of each of…show more content…
I have outlined some strengths and weaknesses of business to consumer e-business and the way it is affecting the relationship between the consumer and merchant using Amazon.com’s Virtual Retailing Model as an example. Virtual retailing involves the request for and closing of a transaction over the medium of the Internet, via a web page (http://www.cybersolve.com/retail.html). While the processing of the transaction, itself, is key to the existence of a virtual retailer, it is not the most important piece. The key to the success of a virtual retailer, according to Peter G. W. Keen, is the ability of that virtual retailer “to build strong customer relationships”. Amazon.com has by far been one of the most successful virtual retailers in building strong customer relationships. 70% of Amazon’s customers are repeat customers; this is no surprise when Amazon.com invests 20% of its revenue in attracting consumers and develops different techniques to “bond with the customers”, such as “My Amazon” (http://www.computerworld.com/home/print.nsf/all/990614AD62 ). Traditionally businesses had to locate themselves, plant themselves several times over in

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