eLearning; The New Tool for People Who have Too Much to Do Essay

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Imagine that you are attempting to live on your own, you have a full time job, and you have recently decided to go back to school. You don't have a lot of free time, so you take online classes since you can take them at your own pace. At first you can keep up with the material, but soon you're trying to finish a week of assignments on Sunday before they are due at midnight. Eventually you start slacking off, only turning in some assignments, but the instructor doesn’t question or contact you at all. After a while you lose focus on why you even started college, and decide it's not worth the time and effort. Unfortunately, many people who enter into online education have similar stories, and while enrollment rates have increased a…show more content…
Friedman is saying that the greatest thing he took away from good teachers was not the information they provided, but rather the enjoyment of learning, which he got from their showcasing of passion for whatever subject they taught. A way to work on this issue would be to offer hybrid online classes, where once or twice a week the instructor met with the students. Despite the flaws regarding the lost enthusiasm from instructors and students over the internet, eLearning is an option for education that, offered to the right student, could be a beneficial avenue to completing college and getting a degree. Unfortunately, the majority of people experimenting with online education are not the students who are self-motivated and independent, but rather the students who need the advantage of having in person educational support. Reihan Salam, author of the article Online Education Can Be Good or Cheap, but Not Both, asserts, “The irony, of course, is that the students who need help and hassle the least, like the super-well-prepared and super-eager undergraduates at schools like Stanford, tend to get the most personal attention and structure. The students who need help and hassle the most, like ill-prepared community college students who are not entirely sure that an associate’s degree is
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