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A survey of students’ eating habit related to breakfast, plant food and junk food. Student name: William Student number: 13035632 Teacher: Anna Abstract This report investigates eating habits among students according to their first meal of the day, plant food intake and amount of junk food they eat. This research was carried out through a questionnaire containing 11 questions related to all the sub-topics mentioned above. The sample was 30 students, males and females from different countries. Content 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Scope 1.3 Aim 1.4 Hypothesis 2. Methodology 3. Results 4. Conclusion 5. Recommendation 6. Bibliography 7. Appendix 1 introduction Nowadays, eating healthily has…show more content…
A survey of more than 12,000 teenagers has found that the greater the exposure to advertisements for unhealthy food, the more teens asked for and bought it (fast food ads influence teens eating habits, 2011). 1.2 Scope This report is focused on three aspects of the extensive topic “Are students eating healthily?” The aspects are 1.Eating breakfast, 2.vegetableand fruit in their diet, 3.Junk food (fast food, food with high energy and fat, sugary sodas). Besides, the sample of the research is only 30 people. This is because of time li of students. 1.3 Aim The aim of this report is to find out whether students eat healthily based on their first meal of the day and their daily food choice, which can be described in terms of whether they have healthy breakfast, the mount of vegetable and fruit they eat, and frequency of eating junk food. 1.4 Hypothesis This report predicts that students don’t have healthy eating habits as the general Australian population. Regarding breakfast, it is believed that most students don’t have healthy breakfast, as they spend a lot of time coming to school. When it comes to food choice, students don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but eat too much fast food or sugary sodas. 2 Methodology The way this research project was carried
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