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ATTENTION GRABBER: Imagine being isolated from your own family and feeling unsure as to whether or not you will ever see them again. They do not want to come anywhere near you, for you are a threat to their health. The only visitors who come with in 10 feet of you are strangers in full on protective gear. They do not want to expose the slightest bit of skin to you and you can not see anything besides their eyes. The world fears what you are and no one wants to come close to you. You know death is near, and you are all alone.

TOPIC: Today I will tell you about the rare and deadly virus called Ebola.

PREVIEW: First, I will give you information about the virus itself. Secondly, I will talk about why
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SECOND POINT: Although an outbreak in America is highly unlikely, the fact that Ebola has been diagnosed on American soil brings fear to all. Because of its infectiousness and long incubation period, and the banality of early symptoms, it can be difficult to track and contain. We also do not have a cure for this disease, sure we have experimental drugs, but nothing official. The spread has been much quicker in this outbreak than others, affecting both urban and rural areas. Usual protective measures to prevent the spread appear to be less effective in this epidemic. What ebola does to the human body defies reason and is something like out of a horror movie, not a text book. Americans feel hopeless and vulnerable because Ebola is here. The victim who flew from Liberia to Dallas, Texas on September 30th of this year did expose others and there is a risk of it spreading. The Ebola virus is the most terrifying and least-understood virus known to man. We are witnessing the onset of a deadly mutation anticipated and feared for almost four decades. Americans have watched fully informed and trained health care workers contract Ebola.

**3rd Transition** Now that we are aware of the amount of fear, and why there is so much of it, lets turn our attention to some methods of prevention.

THIRD POINT: There is no FDA approved vaccine currently available for Ebola. It is very important that everyone practices careful hygiene. Always wash hands with soap and
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