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Ever wonder where infants and children develop an understanding of the world around them? The knowledge that the infants and children gain about the world around them is called cognitive development. From the minute that a child enters this world from their mother’s womb they begin their life living in a profoundly social environment. It is not just social because of the ­­people and other children that the child will interact with but also because of many relics that exist such as books, television, technology and much more. In this paper I will discuss social cognitive development, summarize the current knowledge that exist about it, analyze the applicability of my findings to the differentiation of instruction…show more content…
Therefore social cognition can be defined as the study of the mental process involved in perceiving, attending to, remembering, thinking about and making sense of the people of all ages in the social world that we live in (Moskowitz, 2005). The development of various forms of social-cognitive understanding is one of the most essential accomplishments of childhood cognitive development. It is known that people are very much social creatures. Parents are known to teach their children the skills, attitudes, and values that they think are important to have in their culture (Siegler & Alinali, 2005). Children of all societies are quick to communicate socially with people by pointing out what they see and like and what interests them. These teaching and learning propensities are essential for the child for their cognitive development (Tomasello, 1999). Through this researchers have learned more and more about children’s social cognitive development. Although naturalistic data plays some role, most of what people know about social-cognitive development comes from a wide variety of resourceful experiments (Bartsch & Wellman, 1989). The example of this that is studied the most is the false belief task. The false belief can be defined as the realizations that beliefs are mental illustrations and not straight indications of reality, and as such may be false. The exploration on the theory of mind is suggestive of the studies done by Piagetian. This is so by that it

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