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Functional Area and Compliance Systems
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Case 1, Opening Case: International Speedway

Gets Lean
9.1 Management Levels and Functional Systems
9.2 Manufacturing, Production, and Transportation Systems
9.3 Sales and Marketing Systems
9.4 Accounting, Finance, and Compliance Systems
9.5 Human Resources Systems, Compliance, and Ethics
Key Terms
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IT and Data Management Decisions

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Case 2, Business Case: Station Casinos ' Loyalty Program
Case 3, Video Case: Superior Manufacturing Wipes the Competition
Data Analysis &Decision Making: SunWest Foods '
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Figure 9.2 ISC manages huge volumes of fan data compiled from the Daytona 500 and all other
NASCAR races.
Customer touchpoints are ways to reach, build, and strengthen relationships with customers. Touchpoints that don 't interest or create interest with a customer are a waste of resources, both time and budget.
Mission: Set of outcomes an organization wants to achieve.

Data-Rich, but Insight-Poor
During 2007, customer demand for racing events had flattened out (that is, no sales growth).
Management decided to introduce targeted marketing campaigns that are based on a clear understanding of current and prospective customers. Management had the data they needed as a result of collecting structured and unstructured data on 4 million race fans through formal surveys, e-mail, phone calls, and social network sites. But they had not been leveraging that data to maximize advertising

effectiveness. Too much of the advertising budget was wasted on campaigns advertising to people who were not interested in particular races, while fans who would have been interested in the race were not being contacted.

Targeted Campaigns and Personalizing Customer Touchpoints
To run targeted campaigns, the chief marketing officer (CMO) wanted a 360-degree view of customers, for instance, what, when, how, and why they bought tickets going as far back as 2002. The
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