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Learning is the act or experience of one that learns knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study, modification of a behavioral tendency by experience (as exposure to conditioning). Education is one of the most important tools that a society possesses. The right implementation of this tool is one of the greatest ways of assuring the quality of life within a society. The ability to better ourselves, is one of the strongest inherit abilities of the human race. Without the consistent development of the human race, life would be nothing more than survival. At its most basic level of definition, education is nothing more than the teaching of ideas. The early stages of schooling instill more attitude and social skills than knowledge. The…show more content…
For the general public, students are taught the same material, and excel at different rates than other students. The people that don't grasp the material usually fall behind and become the working class within our society. Those that excel become the backbone of our society, fueling our economy and developing ideas within our world. The difference in education is not only is not only the skill that is provided, but also the attitude. The skills that are learned are definitely important, but the determination and attitude learned is priceless. The communists came up with the idea of equality for everyone. Every person gets the same schooling and education. This concept cannot possibly work. Every person is different, and some people lack the ability to work in a technical field. Everyone has a place in society, and some people will work hard physically all of their lives. Not everyone can be number 1. Inequalities definitely exist in education. The rich seem to get richer, and the poor seem to become poorer. A society consists of different classes of people, and each class is essential to the survival of all. The gap between the rich and the poor can never be eliminated, but by educating our people maybe it can become smaller. Learning is also a process. It has to be practiced and memorized. Effective learning depends upon good study habits. Efficient study skills do not simply occur; they must first be learned and then applied
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