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The dynamics of the student population yields no two students who are exactly alike. For this reason, it seems unreasonable to use one form of instructional materials, curriculum delivery, and assessment standards for all students. Educators realize that students learn at different rates and through different avenues. Individualized instruction approaches attempt to make the learning experience suitable for each student in terms of his or her learning needs, interests, and developmental level. Individualized instruction programs focus on objectives that are personal for each child. The child is an active partner in decision-making in terms of activities, subject matter, and assessment. Because students learn at different rates,…show more content…
A relational understanding of geometry incorporates aspects of measurement for determining properties such as area, volume, perimeter, etc. Fractions are used in geometry for understanding geometric equations such as the area of a triangle (A= ½ b*h) and in determining ratios between various geometric objects or shapes.       Van Heile levels, meeting students where they are at Diagnosing strengths and weaknesses      Many people believe that individualizing instruction means adapting learning for students experiencing academic difficulties or cognitive delays. This could not be further from the truth. Individualizing instruction means engaging students in learning content, processes, and attitudes that are most appropriate for the individual. This means the needs of all students must be met for the program to be effective. The needs of students experiencing difficulty, students who right on track, and students who far exceed academic expectations must be met. As educators, we provide opportunities for every student to maximize his or her individual potential. It is impossible to look at a student and understand the needs of that child. Teachers must create a thorough plan for diagnosing students’ abilities and interests, as well as determining objectives and goals for each student.      Diagnosing student strengths and weaknesses can be a stressful process for students
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