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Study of Gifted Person Introduction A few months ago, my family watched the movie, “Gifted Hands”. Although I had never heard of the movie or the man, Dr. Ben Carson, I found his story and life inspirational. I felt drawn to know more about him. Following the movie, my daughter, Elizabeth, and I goggled Dr. Carson. Since the movie begins with Ben Carson as a poor child who is bullied and made fun of due to his poverty, poor grades in school, and lack of friends, Elizabeth could relate to his insecurities, fears, and anger. As the movie moved through the life of Ben Carson, we saw how he overcame all the obstacles in his life. Through his mother’s strong belief in God and that he and his brother were capable of being very…show more content…
Consequently, I believe Ben Carson is “gifted” and a study of him would be an inspiration to me and my family. Evidence of Giftedness “There is no such thing as an average human being. If you have a normal brain, you are superior. There’s almost nothing that you can’t do.” Ben Carson Although Ben Carson is world renowned in the medical field as a gifted Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson began a humble life. According to bio.True Story, (Ben Carson, biography), Ben’s mother, Sonya, dropped out of school in the third grade and at the age of 13 married Robert Carson, a Baptist minister. The couple moved to Detroit, Michigan where Ben and his older brother, Curtis, were born. However, when Ben was 8 and Curtis was 10, Sonya Carson’s husband left her to raise the boys on her own. With little education, Sonya struggled to provide for her boys. She worked two or three jobs at a time as a domestic servant. As a family, they would pick vegetables for local farmers in exchange for a part of the crop. Ben’s mother’s diligence and creativity to provide for her boys had a tremendous influence on, Ben and Curtis. (Ben Carson, biography) Gregg and Deborah Lewis state (2002) “Sonya Carson also provided a strong support system for the boys with their church family by attending church regularly. One Sunday as the pastor gave the message, Ben felt God call him to become a missionary doctor.” (p. 16) After
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