employee and employer rights and responsibilities

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Employers Right Employer responsibilities The Employer has the responsibilities of provide public liability insurance, safe workplace, appropriate training, observe employees contract and procedures to protect relationship with employees. Observe employment law and codes of practice and duty of care to employees. Adhere to EU directives. The employers have the responsibility to meet all the terms of the contracts and notify employees of any changes within one month of these being made, allow employees to join a trade union or staff association and allow employees access to confidential records kept about them. The employer have the responsibilities to give them the…show more content…
Employees must not accept any bribe or indulge in any corrupt or improper practice. Employees must not inappropriately and without the headteacher’s authority, release any information concerned with school’s Council’s affairs to the press and/or public, or by way of books and articles or to any organisation including one that is funded by the school/Council’s communication Service. Employees must not bully any person with whom they come into contact in carrying out their work. Employees unable to report duty because of sickness must comply with the requirement for notification of sickness absence and the submission of medical certificates (as appropriate) scheme of conditions of service of school rules. Employees must notice 2 months before when they want to terminate contract. Employees must not undertake any acts within or outside the workplace that are in conflict with their specific job role/purpose, bring the school/Council such as destroying trust and confidence between them and the school/Council (e.g. domestic violence). Employees must not falsity, destroy or otherwise alter any document, timesheet, etc. to gain benefit or financial advantage for her/himself or others. Employees who are under investigation by the police in relation to an allegation that they have committed a criminal act, or who have accepted a caution or have been charged in a criminal case, must disclose this
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