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Employee Turnover

Michelle Carter

Michael Brizek

HTM 150

October 29, 2013

Employee Turnover This will describe the restaurant industry and its main employees. I will summarize three primary the primary reason that the turnover is high in this industry. I will also recommend a method that address the reasons that turnover is high. I will make a recommendation on how to improve job satisfaction in the industry. The restaurant industry can be described as providing refreshments and meals in a sit-down dining facilities and take-out establishment. The American restaurant industry has become a major contributor to American culture. It is significant part to the economy, the industry
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They are responsible for taking customer orders, handle transactions and deliver food to tables and making sure customers are satisfied. Restaurant turnover has become a major in the restaurant industry. In the restaurant industry the employee turnover rate is between 75 to 80 percent yearly. This industry includes casual dining, quick service and fine dining. There are some sector in the industry could have high turnover than others. The work force characteristics in the restaurant industry the average is fairly young, majority of the workers are under the age of 30, and this influences to the high turnover. Low compensation is another reason that the turnover rate is high. Hourly restaurant employee work make up most of the earnings from tips, but make low minimum wage. For an example, in California the hourly minimum wage for tipped employees is $8.00 per hour and servers in Michigan get $2.65 per hour. Restaurant work schedule may vary from week to week and covers early morning and late nights. Employees burn out is the result working this type of schedule. This type of schedule can disrupt an employee work-life balance. As a result, employees may quit their jobs for others jobs that have set schedules in efforts to achieve a work-like. To address the problem of workforce characteristic restaurant should examine their interview process. During this process interview can add a few question to
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