Essay on employment laws compliance plan

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Employment Law Compliance Plan HRM/531 October 23, 2013 Employment Law Compliance Plan To: Traci Goldeman From: Celeste Parker Date: October 23, 2013 Subject: Employment Law Compliance Plan This memorandum is in regard to the request for an employee law compliance plan for Bradley Stonefield's limousine service in Austin, Texas. Mr. Stonefield's limousine service is expected to employ approximately 25 employees during the first year of service. The memorandum will discuss various local, state, and federal employment laws that affect the hiring and employment of individuals for the company. The memorandum will include the penalties and repercussions associated with violating any of the employment laws. Mr. Stonefield…show more content…
The disability is not limited to physical and can include impairment, such as a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and an individual infected with HIV/AIDS. Administered and enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Noncompliance may result in compensatory and punitive damages. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) IRCA protects individuals from being fired based on the individuals’ citizenship or national origin. IRCA prevents employers from requesting employment verification to individuals because he or she may be from a different country. Employers who violated IRCA will be subjected to penalties and sanctions by the Administer of the Wage and Hour Division. Violators may assess monetary penalties ranging from $1000 to $35,000 depending on the severity although the employer can request a hearing 15 days prior to the determination (Employment Guide Law, 2013). Texas Payday Law Texas Payday Law covers all Texas business entities federal government employees and political subdivisions of the state (Texas Workforce Commission, 2013). Any gifts, gratuities, expense reimbursements are not subjected to the law. Noncompliance may result in administrative penalties of equal to the wages claimed or $1,000, whichever is less (Texas Workforce Commission, 2013). The employer may be subjected to surety bond if convicted of two or violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act or if the final wage
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