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Composition I
Onsite Course


Table of Contents
Unit 1 Assignment 1: Letter to Instructor 3
Unit 1 Exercise 1: Prewriting Techniques Exploration 5
Unit 1 Lab 1: Finding and Utilizing Electronic Writing Resources 6
Unit 2 Lab 1: ITT Tech Virtual Library Exploration 9
Unit 2 Assignment 1: Change of Audience—Letter to Peer 10
Unit 2 Assignment 2: Topic, Angle, and Purpose 11
Unit 2 Assignment 3: Genre Essay—Memoir or Profile 12
Unit 3 Assignment 1: Revising the Memoir or Profile 13
Unit 3 Assignment 2: Reflection on Essay Writing 14
Unit 3 Exercise 1: Analyzing Paragraphs 15
Unit 3 Exercise 2: Guided Reading 16
Unit 4 Lab 1: Revised and Polished Essay—Memoir or Profile 21
Unit 4
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Prompt questions are not addressed.
Letter may wander off topic at times; body is either too wordy or short and choppy.

One or more prompt questions have not been addressed.
Letter is on topic but is either too elaborate or lacks sufficient detail.

Most of the prompt questions have been satisfactorily addressed.
Letter is on topic and is written satisfactorily.

All of the prompt questions have been satisfactorily addressed.
Letter is on topic and concisely well written.

All of the prompt questions have been clearly addressed.
(25 points)

(Grammar = 12 points)

(Sentence structure = 13 points)

Points earned

Writing is overwhelmed by serious errors in sentence structure and grammar.

Letter is unreadable due to sentence structure and/or mechanics.
Contains serious errors in grammar which impair reader’s understanding.

Errors in sentence structure are repeated

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