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Title Enabling learning and assessment Assessment is essential in teaching throughout any subject or course in practical and theory work. First initial assessment is used to ensure students are on the correct course. Once learning starts differentiated formative assessments are carried out throughout ending with summative assessment which usually warrants a grade or a pass. Due to the importance of assessment in teaching it helps to use VACSR to insure all elements are covered. VACSR are the initials for five elements of assessment. Starting with Validity which ensures the content of the course is covered. Petty states “validity of an assessment depends on whether it actually measures the knowledge or skills it is designed to…show more content…
It was certainly valid because the work on the car had just been carried out in a body shop where they would be qualified to work if they succeeded in their course. Tummons states ”A valid assessment in brief, is an assessment that covers the course as a whole, uses appropriate real life methods, is most suitable to the subject or vocational area and helps predict how the learner will perform in the future” (Tummons,2007 p38). I also found using a real life resource like this made it easy to meet my aims which were to assess if learners could identify correct grades of abrasive paper to use on different paint defections. The students enjoyed looking for paint defections which made the assessment easy to manage. This activity was authentic in showing the knowledge of students in pairs but was hard to tell which individuals gave the most input. It was necessary to make students do the task in pairs to encourage students to learn from each other in discussion, after all assessment is about improving learning so sometimes sacrifices have to be made. This also shows authenticity can be hard to prove in practical as well as theory. Using a freshly painted car was as current as you can get for assessing students. I used the latest dry sanding abrasive paper in a learning activity before the assessment to help them give the most up to date ways of removing defections. When it came to sufficiency it was obvious the same

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