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Steinbeck is showing how Curley’s wife emerges as a complex and interesting character. Although her purpose is rather simple in the book’s openings, she is been called “tramp,” “tart,” and “bitch”. These nasty comments are made by the people that dislike her and her appearances; this makes the reader feel sympathy for her. Later in the book Steinbeck become more complex. She is first introduced through rumours means that the reader already has a biased opinion of Curley 's wife before she even enters the section. Candy mentions that she, "got the eye" explaining that she is flirtatious and immoral with the fact that she flirts with other men immediately after it is stated that she is married to Curley. Already, the reader is introduced to…show more content…
Not only is Curley 's wife described as being a floozy but she is also described as being threatening. Upon entering Crooks 's room, it is apparent that Crooks and Candy are afraid of her when they both, "scowled down away from her eyes." This deliberate prevention of eye contact could suggest that the men have a fear of Curley 's wife or that they do not feel the need to dignify her with eye contact. The use of the word " scowling" means that either way, the presence of Curley 's wife displeases Candy and Crooks. Eventually Curley 's wife explodes at Crooks in a series of threatening comments after he sticks up for himself, "I could get you strung up so easy." Crooks then retracts all emotion and becomes very weak and submissive because of Curley 's wife 's threats. On the other hand, in this encounter you begin to realise the cause of her hostility, as it mentionsthat Curley 's wife would like to "bust him." referring to Curley. The fact that Curley 's wife has admitted that sometimes she would like to hurt Curley hints at domestic abuse as throughout the novel, Curley is described as violent and now that Curley 's wife has admitted that despite being his wife, she would like to hurt him, creates the idea that Curley gives her a reason. If Curley 's wife does infact suffer domestic abuse then this may partially excuse her hostility as she is mirroring the only atmosphere she is
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