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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change yourself and the world."

There is a reason why every civilization throughout time has valued education,because it truly can alter our collective condition and make our lives easier, simpler, and most crucially, happier! From Egyptians learning to write on papyrus tablets to late nineteenth century scientists striving to discover medicines like penicillin, there has always been an urge in humanity to be better and to be more than what we have been before. Man’s highest achievements—the building of bridges and overwhelming skyscrapers, to video chatting and space travel the marvels of modern day living that we take for granted today, were once just mere ideas in people’s
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The strength and force of education is visible to anyone who cares to look at the recent Egyptian revolution, where young students, with minds opened to the wonders of democracy, through education, helped overthrow the yoke of suffering that their parents had silently borne. Education is the silent and effective weapon of nonviolence, which can help people and societies break the cycle of oppression that many have historically suffered from. Many oppressed societies, where dictators have thrived, have had a paucity of education avenues.

Education liberates the mind from its shackles and fears and encourages it to challenge and to communicate with others. It is not without a reason that education is at the bottom of the priority list of dictators. It was also not without reason that upon annexation of neighboring states. Many dictators find it easy to unscrupulously deny people education or better still, manipulate education to serve their own selfish interests. Throughout history, and even today, autocratic leaders censor literature and books and prevent potent ideas from spreading since they realize that an idea is the most powerful force in the world and can transform a human being completely. More importantly though, to me, an educated person also has the capability to objectively analyze issues, recognize and learn from existing flaws,
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