enpowering users of health and social care Essay

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Page no 2.1 explain factors that may contribute to loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion for vulnerable users of services in health and social care?
2.2 Analyze how organizational systems and processes are managed to promote participation and independence of users of health and social care services
2.3 Analyze the tensions that arise when balancing the rights of the individual to independence and choice against the care provider’s duty to protect users of services in health and social care
3.1 Use a case study above on MR Philip to identify the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm in health and social care
3.2 Critically analyze the effectiveness of policies,
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In order to promote independence and participation of users of health and social care it is important to provide them education which is termed as patient education which is also considered to be an important thing in order to enhance the safety as well as the satisfaction. It is very helpful in order to produce better outcomes and also improve the quality of care.
Patient education enables patients to assume better responsibility for their own health care, improving patients’ ability to manage acute and chronic disorders.
Patient education provides opportunities to choose healthier lifestyles and practice preventive medicine.
Patient education attracts patients to the provider and increases patient’s satisfaction with their care, while at the same time decreasing the provider’s risk of liability.
Patient education promotes patient-centred care and as a result, patients’ active involvement in their plan of care.
Patient education increases adherence to medication and treatment regimens, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective health care delivery system.
Patient education ensures continuity of care and reduces the complications related to illness and

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