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Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

A white-collar crime by definition is a crime that is committed by individuals of higher status. It is not necessarily a violent crime, but could be depending on the situation. An individual who works in a professional environment, such as the government or corporation tend to take advantage of employees and manipulate them into thinking their practices are legitimate. Some examples, of white-collar crimes include fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other various crimes. However, individuals who involve them selves in drugs or stealing someone’s personal possessions commit street crime. For example, it tends to be violent depending on the situation and it usually happens in a public place or
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Even though Skilling was committing crimes, such as fraud, he was being recognized for his accomplishments. Mr. Skilling was training Andy Fastow to become an accomplished individual not only criminally, but financially as well. Through all that Andy Fastow absorbed from Skilling, he started his criminal behavior. Andy Fastow created bogus companies to keep the companies debt a secret from others. With this entire event going on Fastow took money and implemented it into his personal accounts. When criminals steal money they tend to do it in small amounts, so others do not discover it, but eventually it gets to a point that it gets so out of control that the person committing the crime cannot stop because the rush is high. He felt as if what he was doing was perfectly acceptable because it should have been part of his daily routines. Since criminality is beyond social control, he had no issues committing them. He continued his behavior and Mr. Fastow only developed his ideas for the better. All of the top executives created an environment of intimate business interactions. They believed that deception was justified and “fraud is the reality” (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
The final example is of Lou Pai. Lou Pai spent all his money on strippers of all things and he actually ended up divorcing his wife to marry one of the strippers because he had a child with her. Just like any company or organization people receive

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