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1) Why are fossil fuels our most prevalent source of energy today? Why are they considered nonrenewable sources of energy? Today, the three main fossil fuels that are in demand are oil, coal and natural gas. These fossil fuels are prevalent because they are efficient to burn, ship, and store based on high energy content. Fossil fuels also provide for our daily needs such as transportation, heating, cooking and electricity. Based on our current rates of consumption, we will use up the Earth’s store of fossil fuels faster than created therefore making it a nonrenewable source of energy. After fossil fuels are created and depleted, they cannot be replaced in our civilization. This extremely long process takes
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What consequences could there be for our society if we do not shift soon to renewable energy sources?
Peak oil” refers to when the rate of production of oil will reach its highest rate and decline gradually. If our production declines after the peak of oil and demand continues to increase, scientists say we will fall into an oil shortage. Many experts think we are about to pass the production peak for oil since Hubert’s peak was proved to be accurate, every since 1970, U.S oil production peaked and has continued to decline ever since. Factors of this problem were the discoveries of new oil fields that peaked 30 years ago, but we still continue extract and consume more oil than we have been finding. In addition depending on year to year use for production, would make us unable to realize that we have pasted the peak of oil production until four years after, so we wouldn’t even known if we passed the peak or not. For example many oil companies and government are untrustworthy about the amount of oil reserves there are, and the estimated difference on how much we can extract based on how much oil there is. Also, a U.S geological survey report shows that there are about 2 trillion barrels of oil left in the world and not 1 trillion. Developed countries such as the U.S continue to use this limited supply of oil because their demand is increasing rather than a developing country where they are beginning to industrialize. One thing is
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