##erve Resonance, Influence And Nerve Importance

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Nerve injuries of the shoulder are an unusual cause of shoulder pain and they result from a variety of causes including trauma
(1). Traditionally, the diagnosis of muscle denervation was based on clinical findings, electromyography, and nerve conduction studies. However, electro-physiologic studies do not determine exactly the site of muscle denervation (2).
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has an important role in detection and characterization of pathologic conditions of skeletal muscles that cause changes in muscle signal intensity.
There are many conditions that may affect muscle signal intensity, such as inflammation, traumatic and neurologic conditions (3).
Although the MR imaging findings of many conditions are similar, some distinct
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It originates from the roots of C5 and
C6 with variable contribution from C4, at the Erb’s point.
The nerve passes across the posterior triangle of the neck deep to trapezius muscle. It then runs along the superior border of the scapula to enter the supraspinous fossa inferior to the superior transverse scapular ligament. Finally the nerve curves around the lateral border of the spine of the scapula reach to the infraspinous fossa. It gives motor supply to both supra and infraspinatus muscles (9,10).
In this study we will highlight various pulse sequences for selective nerve visualization as well as their functional evaluation. We aimed at studying the different patterns of muscle denervation in addition to their relation to the shape and SI of the related nerves. Finally correlation between the signal changes in different types of nerve injuries and the findings of the nerve conduction study as well as the patient’s clinical history will also be discussed.

4. Discussion
Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint and may develop from a variety of factors. The exact cause of pain in the shoulder is often difficult to identify; thus, there has been an ongoing search for more accurate non-invasive methods. For the evaluation of the muscle injury and its related nerve, both MRI and EMG are regularly used in clinical practice (2).
Suprascapular nerve injury most commonly occurs in the confined space of the

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