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Lab 1: Scientific Method Exercise 1 1. Based on the information in Table 2, it seems that the more dissolved oxygen in the water there is the higher the population of fish is. 2. If the ppm of dissolved oxygen is increased in water then there will be more fish observed. 3. The experimental approach to test this hypothesis would be to have two separate bodies of water, one with a set ppm of dissolved oxygen and another with an increasing amount of dissolved oxygen. 4. The Independent variable is the dissolved oxygen and the dependent variable is the number of fish observed. 5. The control is the fish. 6. The most appropriate graph for this data set would be a line graph because it showcases trends and findings within the trends.…show more content…
Control- fish The data will be collected everyday at 7 o’clock and noon by counting the amount of fish caught at each time. The most appropriate graph would be a bar graph. I will analyze the data by looking for a trend in the amount of fish caught in the morning vs at noon. 4. No testable observation 5. Hypothesis- eating healthy and exercising lowers blood pressure. Null Hypothesis- Blood pressure levels are not affected by eating fatty foods or healthy foods and exercise. The experimental approach would be to check blood pressure levels after eating fatty foods and after eating healthy foods and exercising. Dependent variable- Blood pressure levels. Independent variable- fatty/healthy foods and exercising. Control- Sally The data will be collected by testing the blood pressure levels daily after eating fatty foods and healthy exercise. The most appropriate way to present the data would be by a table. The data will be analyzed for any illustrations that indicate a relationship between healthy eating and exercise and lower blood pressure levels. 6. No testable observation 7. No testable observation 8. No testable observation 9. No testable observation 10. Hypothesis- Ice cream melts faster in warm weather vs cold weather. Null Hypothesis- weather has no bearing on ice cream melting. Taking ice cream outside on a warm day and then on a cold to see if warm weather affects the melting of ice cream would be the experimental approach. Dependable

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