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1.1 Identify legislation and policies which are designed to promote the human rights,inclusion equal ife chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities

• Disability Discrimination Act
• Human Rights Act
• Equality Act
• Health and Social Care Act (Regulated activities)
• Essential Standards
• Mental Capacity Act.
• National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990
• Company policies and procedures
Disability Equality Duty 2006..

1.2 Explain how this legislation and policies influence the day to day life of individuals with learning disabilities and their families.

The influence that legislation and policies have on the day-to-day experiences of an individual with a learning disability and of
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We now strive to work the opposite to how past ways of working were giving the individual a better quality and equal life style.

3.3 Identify some of the key changes in the following areas of the lives of individuals who have learning disabilities
-Where people live
• Choices where they live
• Independent and supported living
• Intergrated within the community
-daytime activities
• More available with choices
• Participating in community activities
• More opportunities
• Equality
-Sexual relationships and parenthood
• Choices
• Education
• Support
-The provisions of healthcare
• Choices of treatment
• Availability
• More understanding and aware of learning disabilities and support needed
• Access to health care

4.1 Explain the term social inclusion
Social inclusion is about involving everyone in society, making sure all have opportunities to work or take part in social activities.
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