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Module Title: Principles of Marketing

Student Name: Jonas Franck-Winther
Student ID: 145858611

Seminar Leader Name: Ilya Girson
Word Count: 1085

Date: 5/12-2013
1. Principles of marketing

The essence of marketing is value creation, where the goal is a long-term satisfaction by building relationships and attracting new customers by offering better value than the competition. Because marketing is based on exchanges where the objective is for all parties in the exchange to feel satisfied and gain some kind of value (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2013).
Customer value is determined on how the customer perceives the
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Guinness principles of marketing

Guinness marketing is focused on the consumers by offering what they want, which are quality. The company want to deliver high quality standards and uses it as an advantage to stand out on the market by offering a stout beer, which is made from their own raw materials, on high-level of equipment and having employers with well-trained capability (Vanguard, 2013), because they believe that you cannot make money from people unless you are willing for people to make money from you (Sohn, 2013). They have also increased their focus on the marketing of Guinness brand name in 2013 by £34 million to boost its quality association on the beer market, so the drinkers get a feeling of quality when they taste a Guinness. This strategy is based on their market research, which confirm that consumers associate a quality pint with a quality pub and 80% of male drinkers believe getting the quality of serve right is more important in draught beer than in any other drink category (Charles, 2013). Therefore Guinness manages to implant a special place in the collective consumer conscience, which leads the consumer into thinking about the great heritage and consistency in quality they possess, wherever it is sold (Diego, 2013). This can be seen in their advertising and communication of slogan, which says that “Good things come to those who wait”, which is referring to the time it takes to pour a perfect Guinness.
Furthermore they launched a new
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