essay of mental health stigma

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Stigma can be expressed in various term, it can be a brand, labelling or identification. It is a differentiation of a person resulting to a boundary between “us” and “them” (Link and Phelan 2001). These affect consumers in a way they are discriminated and treated differently because they have mental illness. The effect of stigma can take away the rights of consumers who are suffering from mental illness causing social dilemmas (SANE Australia 2013). A survey shows 74% of consumers experience stigma from school, work, and social activities. Consumers had only one feedback, to reduce stigma so they can go with their life peacefully and engage in normal social activities without discrimination (SANE Australia 2006). It is
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Consumers are aware of the impact of media on community behaviour as a whole. A conducted survey shows careless media reporting can trigger suicidal behaviour to consumers. The study concludes that the influence of suicide reporting may not be limited to harmful effects; instead, coverage of positive coping in adverse situations, like media reports about suicidal ideation, can have protective effects (Niederkrotenthaler T et al 2010). When grunge icon Kurt Cobain of Nirvana committed suicide with a shotgun to his head, it created an explosion for copycat suicides. After a month following his death, 18 suicides were recorded in Seattle including 28 year old obvious copycat who have just attended a candle light vigil a few days after Cobain’s body was found (Klass T 1996).
When a person with mental illness feels stigmatized among the community they seek health care professionals who can help them feel better. Consumers expect to have understanding and respect in the health sector. Unfortunately, some consumers experience the opposite way and they also felt the stigma with health care providers (SANE Australia 2013). Mental Health Council of Australia (2011) found out that consumers said they receive the same level of stigma from health professionals compared to the general community. There were cases where the health professional rejected persons with post-traumatic stress
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