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"Describe at least one idea that was memorable in the written text(s). Explain why that idea was memorable in the text(s) as a whole" In the novel "Q & A" written by Vikas Swarup, (the) an idea that was memorable throughout the novel is- the contrast between reality and appearance. This idea was revealed by the author through (the) characters like Neelima Kumari, Armaan Ali and the Taylor family. The second part of the question is why was the idea memorable? This means what are the reasons that the idea stood out, or what did you learn. You need a sentence in the introduction that outlines the reason. This idea was first shown by Armaan Ali. In 'reel' life, Armaan is portrayed a hero was Salim wanted. Ram describe, in the…show more content…
He presents a range of characters who are not what they seem. These characters have a negative effect on the innocent characters, such as Salim who hero worships the Bollywood star, Armaan Ali, and has put many of his posters all over his room. "Now there's Armaan Ali. The ultimate action hero. The Indian Greek god. The heartthrob of millions". This shows us Ali’s Bollywood image is of a romantic hero but in his real life he is a sad, pathetic abuser who is gay. " Armaan Ali, his hero, is dead". Salim has complete faith in his film star hero and his horror at being abused by him in a theatre is horrendous. This makes the difference between his image and the person he is memorable because it makes the reader think about the importance our society puts on celebrities and the effect they can have on our lives. Their image is created for a variety of reasons, usually to make people spend money on things, such as perfumes and cosmetics. See if you can rewrite your next 2 paragraphs. Remember you have to explain why the idea is

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