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A Journey can be a process of self-discovery, a movement of one’s location, a shift in direction leading to an understanding of the world and themselves. In order for a journey to take place it must have one key ingredient, that is, a traveller. Journey is happening all around us to deny it is to deny the very meaning of life itself, it is a necessary part of human nature and it’s how we act upon it that defies the impact felt and destination found. Through Michael Gow’s ‘Away’ and ‘The Blind Side’ produced by John Lee Hancock, applications of both dramatic and film techniques allow the responder to see the direct impacts a journey puts on the traveller, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. We see this through bald…show more content…
This is a pivotal point in coral’s change in nature as we see Coral’s say the lines “I cannot walk. I am afraid” followed by “I am walking”; this dialogue demonstrates strong metaphor for Coral’s status and is axis of all change within Coral. Tom’s journey towards resolution of the mental trauma associated with the anxiety of his inevitable death requires a change in scene in order for him to understand and accept certain decease. At the beginning of “Away” Tom is well aware of his Fate and illustrates confusion and feeling of forfeit. In Scene 2 Act 4 Tom is desperate as he knows his pending death, he personally confronts Meg about having a “happy ending” before he dies. This is a focal point for Tom as it is the first time he openly expresses his grief about his diminishing time this scene also creates contrast in justifying Tom’s anxiousness as his death draws closer from the beginning of the play when he saw meg for much more than a sexual item, Tom begins to recognise what he has become and hastily changes subject and humours Meg. The play then closes with Gow creating Shakespearian allusion with Tom reading the lines from “King Lear”, “While we unburdened crawl towards death”. Which is used symbolically with Tom’s state, the pillar in
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