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Estimating Osmolarity by change in weight

Water flows in and out of cells in an attempt to attain a state of equilibrium. The concentration of solutes to solvent in the cells environment is the cause of the water flow. Plant and animal cells can be negatively affected or positively affected due to the concentration balance in their environment. Potato cells were used to see the affects of sucrose in different concentrations. In some concentrations a weight change was seen in the potato.

In the osmotic concentration lab potatoes were used to see the affects of different concentrations of sucrose on the weight of the potatoes. Solanum tubersummore commonly
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Materials & Methods

In the osmotic lab seven cups , a marker, metric ruler, digital balance, paper towels, a knife and seven cups containing solutions 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6m of sucrose were used in the experiment.
The marker was used to label the seven cups with the seven different concentrations of sucrose . A cork borer was used to cork the potato and then the metric ruler was used to measure seven 5cm long samples cut with scalpel . The samples were weighed on the digital balance to the nearest tenths of a gram. The weight of each potato cube was recorded on table under initial weight. As each mass was taken the potato core were placed in the solutions of sucrose and stirred every 15 min where the initial mass was recorded. After letting the potatoes soak in their designated sucrose solutions from 9:28-10:36 they were removed and blotted lightly with the paper towels. The potatoes where then measured on the digital balance and the changes in weight were recorded on table under final weight. The change in weights if any was then calculated between each individual potato’s initial and final weight.

After we finished recording the data of the experiment it became evident that the solution of 0.3 was the osmolarity of the potato. It showed a 0 percent change in this solution.

Sucrose Molarity

Time in solution 9:28am-10:36am
Final weight
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