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Assignment- 1 Evaluate and Determine Marketing Mix 1. Introduction about Braaap: At age 16 Smith had a vision to establish mini motocross Superlight MX in Australia. In 2004 he identified the need to develop an affordable Superlight pit bike which could be ridden and jumped confidently by adults. Evermore determined Smith set about designing his own bikes and researched the market extensively. He frequently travelled to mainland Australia where he participated in motocross events to build his reputation and accumulate knowledge from the best motocross riders. At the time Smith was a provisional driver and could not hire rental cars, so to overcome this limitation he sponsored riders to participate in the events he was unable to attend.…show more content…
The pricing policy on Braaap suppliers are based on dealership and manufacture prices with and inclusion of Braaap overheads, this determines final price that is displayed throughout the website and store, these prices range over the number of products that are in stock with Braaap, from clothing, motocross equipment and motocross bikes themselves. This allows flexibility with Braaap to meet to demand in stock without wastage when ordering in large quantity. 4. Analyze the impact and importance of the braaap elements to market outcomes: A. The promotional methods: IDENTIFY CONSUMER PRIORITIES AND PREFERENCES AND THE IMPACT Whilst there are a lot of mini-bikes and motorcycle developers and distributors in the country, what makes a Braaap bike special and stand apart from their competitors is not online the pocket friendly price, but it is very simple to customize your Braaap mini bike and affordable. That may well be one of the main reasons why the Braaap brand and bikes grown in popularity and recognition in leaps and bounds. Not only are their minis and superlite bikes a splendid result of craftsmanship and machinery, but is well within most consumers’ yearly budget. Customers always appreciate speedy assistance with their purchases. B. the channels of distribution: The main key characteristic of this organization is dirt bike, high significant for “racing”. Their significance to the market is metal test,

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