evaluate the success of a recent initiative to promote anti-discriminatory practice.

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D1 unit 2 In this report I will be discussing the promotion of anti-discriminatory practice of the sex discrimination act by answering these following questions. Has the sex discrimination act worked? My belief is that the sex discrimination act has prevented a lot of discrimination for taking place for those who are afraid to break the law, however for those who aren’t afraid to break the law still discriminate against people because of their gender and sexuality. Research shows that despite the Sex Discrimination Act’s undeniable achievements, there is cause for concern about its current and future role, and that more than cosmetic reform is necessary. Also just because the act was put into place doesn’t change people’s opinion…show more content…
Does it stop discrimination? It terms of stopping discrimination it doesn’t stop the discrimination from occurring all together however it does prevent some sex discrimination cases from occurring as people are scared of the consequences of discriminating against someone and financial costs as if someone wins a sex discrimination case they would be awarded compensation for their experience so this stops many from discriminating however there is still discrimination occurring. Does it promote awareness and good practice? It does promote awareness and good practice as it ensures that both genders are treated equally and fairly for example it allows both genders to be paid equally yet before the act was put into place this was not the case as women were paid half of what a man was paid for the same job and also it ensures that both genders are given equal opportunities for example both men and women can apply and work where ever they wish even it is seen as a woman’s job or a man’s both genders can apply for that job however before the act was in place women weren’t allowed to a lot of job roles as they were classed as being male jobs and that women couldn’t do them and this made life easier for men as they had a lot more jobs going for them, however life was a lot harder for women in finding a good

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