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255 Main St. Apt. B-12 Corinth, N.Y 12822 themamaz13@yahoo.com 1. The three goals of the Physicians Payment Reform are to decrease Medicare expenditures. As well as redistribute physician’s payments more equitably. Also to ensure quality health care at a reasonable rate.

2. I would use modifier -57, decision for surgery with the E/M code for this case. Due to the E/M service and the decision for surgery were made earlier that same day.

3. There are three components of the relative value unit the first component is work, which is the amount of time, the intensity of effort and the technical expertise required for the physician to provide the service. The second would be the overhead
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14. The correct codes for this emergency room scenario are CPT code 99281. The ICD-9 code is 918.1.

15. The correct CPT code for this hospital scenario is 27125.

16. If a patient was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of probable myocardial infarction without a history of MI in the past the correct ICD-9 code would be 410.91. This is because if a diagnosis at time of discharge is uncertain it is still coded as if it existed or was established.

17. The correct codes for this case are CPT codes 13121, 13160. The ICD-9 code is 998.31.

18. Inpatient and outpatient have different measures of time. Outpatient visits are measured as direct face-to-face time which is the time physicians spend directly with a patient during an office visit. This includes obtaining history, performing an examination and discussing the results. Inpatient time is measured as the unit/floor time and describes the time a physician spends in the hospital setting dealing with the patients care. Unit/floor time includes care given to the patient at bedside as well as at other settings on the unit floor.

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19. The correct CPT code is 25500. Due to it being a closed fracture without any manipulation.

20. There are many graft types represented in the musculoskeletal subsection. A couple of types are cartilage grafting and tendon grafting. As well as autogenous bone

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