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MUS 354: The Beatles After the Beatles (Fall 2012) You are signed in as: Zhi Rao Top of Form Sign Out Bottom of Form Home Classroom Exams/Assignments Grades Help Exam #1 Time Limit 50 minutes Starting Time 7:54 pm Arizona time Top of Form 1 In September of 1971, John and Yoko make their first appearance on _____________, where they discuss the Beatles' break-up and show clips from Fly and Imagine. That November, George will also appear on this US TV show, discussing Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Concert for Bangladesh. The Tonight Show The Tom Snyder Show The Mike Douglas Show The Dick Cavett Show The David Frost Show 2 During March of 1972, _______________ began work on the Some Time in New York City album,…show more content…
"Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" "My Sweet Lord" "Imagine" "Bangla Desh" "What Is Life?" 18 In early September of 1972, Ringo joins the London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir at a sound studio in London to record two songs for inclusion in a new production of Pete Townshend of the Who's rock opera ___________. Who's Next? Quadrophenia My Generation Tommy Won't Get Fooled Again 19 An all-star line-up of Eric Clapton (guitar), Klaus Voorman (bass), Leon Russell (piano), Billy Preston (organ), and Ringo Starr (drums) joined George onstage for a live 1971 performance of _______________, with proceeds going to a worthy charity. "Bangla Desh" "My Sweet Lord" "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" "What Is Life?" "It Don't Come Easy" 20 With the huge success of All Things Must Pass, fans and critics eagerly anticipated the release of ____________, which featured George's slide guitar work at its best and songs such as "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)." Mind Games Living in the Material World Photograph Red Rose Speedway Wildlife 21 George created a demo of this 1971 song and gave it to Ringo to record. Ringo's version hit #4, featuring George on guitar, Ringo on lead vocals, and Badfinger on back-up vocals, saxophone, and horn section. It is... "Beaucoups of Blues" "It Don't Come Easy" "Photograph" "You're Sixteen" "Back Off Boogaloo" 22 Some critics refer to

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