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Tertiary Preparation

I am applying to QUT to study the Bachelor of Design – Architectural Studies because I have a passion for design. I haven’t known I wanted to go down this career path long, possibly only six months. I have always had a passion for the same area of work although I haven’t been able to pinpoint the career I really want until recently. Once completing this degree I would like to complete my masters in architecture then create my own business designing sustainable, environmentally friendly and carbon neutral housing.

I am fully aware of the impacts that tertiary study will have on my life. With an estimated forty hours a week of study ahead I have secured a well paying and completely flexible job for the oncoming
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I also listen to and create music and draw as it calms me down and allows me to think straight when I am stressed.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

As mentioned previously I have been running my own handyman business while completing my apprenticeship. It was by no means at all difficult work although it taught me more about interacting with different types of people from various walks of life. After working this business I found that I had much improved professional people skills.

Having to deal with clients and the real estate agent on a regular basis it was necessary for me to be clear and concise with all forms of communication between the two otherwise it was far too easy for sticky situations to arise.

While working for Ambrose Building as a carpenter I was working as part of a team for seventy percent of the time. I often paired up with another lower ranked apprentice. Teaching and working with an apprentice is a great test. I needed to be able to express my thoughts logically and within reason without confusing them as most of the work and information is completely new to them.

I believe that my oral communication skills are proven to be very adequate as I would not of excelled in any of the jobs I have had up until now as they all have required enormous amounts of communication in a wide variety of situations. This is further reassured by both of my

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