example supporting notes for drama and theater studies on devised piece, physical theater style

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Our style-
We decided to delve deeper into the realm of physical theatre for our devised creative adaptation. The main reason for this was our success in unit 2 were we used Frantic Assembly, an innovative physical theatre group, as a Practitioner. We now want to work on the basics that we learned last year but also extend our skills to more challenging and advanced physical movements and sequences. Now that the shackles are off we are interested to look into other physical theatre practitioners such as ‘PUSH’ who use a much more a Dance weighted style of physical theatre which is evident from watching their promos of ‘tight pants’ and ‘kung-fu’ on their website. Another group that we looked at are ‘Volcano Theatre Company.’
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As a group we chose 1 to work on whilst creating freeze frames during 3 significant moments from the performance. In these 3 tableaux’s we made a character who was an embodiment of death. We loved this as an idea and continued to devise around this theme until we had the skeleton of a performance.
Like frantic assembly we wish to make ‘thrilling, energetic and unforgettable theatre’ like that we have seen in their performances of Beautiful Burnout, Othello and Blackwatch. These Frantic shows have been a big inspiration to us in many ways. When we saw Beautiful burnout live we were in awe of the pace, energy that flowed through the performance. We were also given the idea of having a mentor and mentee in our performance from Frantic. Blackwatch inspired us in our flashback scene in which we act as soldiers from the grandfathers past. It also showed us how people act in the proximity of death.
As an ensemble our dramatic intentions are to shock and excite the audience with a mixture of impressive and dynamic physical sequences. We also intend to move the audience and make them reconsider their life. We intend to do this by writing deep and meaningful words at emotional moments of the play but also by doing slower, more heartfelt sequences to draw the audience.
We have carried our 6 directors
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