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Finance and Resources Committee, 18 July 2013
Exit Interview Report 2012-2013
Executive summary and recommendations
All employees who leave employment at the HCPC are encouraged to take part in a confidential exit interview. An annual exit interview report is considered by EMT and a summary of trends provided to the Finance and Resources Committee for information.

This paper is for information only. No decision is required.

Resource implications

Financial implications

Appendix 1 – Employee Exit Interview Report 2012/2013

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5 July 2013


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Enhanced job opportunity
The HCPC is able to offer a high volume of opportunities for internal promotions and job changes, but inevitably these opportunities will not be suitable for all individuals. In the financial year 2012/2013, 29 out of 77 appointments made
(37.6%) went to internal candidates. In the previous financial year 16 out of 39 appointments made (41%) went to internal candidates.
This is the first time for a number of years that salary has figured prominently in employees’ reasons for leaving. This factor will be kept under review, to see if it indicates a significant trend in financial year 2013/14. The average pay rise received at the HCPC from April 2013 was slightly higher than in previous years.
This may assist to some extent in retaining employees, although views amongst
HR professionals on the effectiveness of increasing pay in order to reduce employee turnover are mixed.
Other factors influencing decisions to leave
The ‘lack of challenge’ and lack of advancement factors were mentioned by similar percentages of leavers last year.
The two employees who left due to commuting problems were former GSCC employees who were travelling to the HCPC from Rugby on a daily basis.
There were
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