explain how practitioners can take steps to protect themselves within their everyday practice in the work setting

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In every setting there should be a policy and procedures on whistle blowing. The whistle blowing Policy is put into place to provide protection against the person in the work place against victimisation or any form of punishment (physical or verbal) when concerns are genuine. If you suffer any victimisation or punishment due to whistleblowing you may be able to take your case to an Employment Tribunal. If you have any concerns about misconduct or malpractice that is occurring in your work setting you should report it to your manager/supervisor. All information given is confidential. The whistleblower is a person that discloses wrongdoing that threatens others, rather than a complaint about their own treatment.

The procedure to follow
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• The accused/accusers will be informed of the seriousness of the allegations of misconduct by their manager/supervisor they will also provide any supporting evidence.

• The accused or accusers will be advised in writing of the procedure to be followed.

• The accused/accusers will be given the opportunity to respond by a meeting or put their response in writing to the claims made against them and speak about any relevant evidence.
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