explore the way jackie kay presents colman stuggle for identity in trumpet

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Explore the way Kay presents Colman and his struggle for identity.

Jackie Kay reveals in ‘trumpet’ Colman’s battle and inner conflict to identify himself as an individual rather than the son of a famous trumpeter. Nevertheless, Jackie Kay conveys Colman’s most bitter struggle and his anguish at being unable to relate to himself when the intricate lie of his father Joss Moody is revealed.
In the beginning of the novel, in the third chapter, Colman’s voice is portrayed to the readers almost literally as the title of the chapter ‘cover story; suggests Colman was being interviewed (which is later revealed to the readers).
In the previous chapters, one and two, Jackie Kay chooses to present the character of Mille through her most inner
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He felts like he couldn’t be himself because he wanted acceptance and approval by his father, almost as if he wanted to mirror the legacy of him. This is supported in the quotation ‘’ pretended I didn’t give a flying fuck of what my father thought of me but I did ... I fucking worshipped him’’. The word ‘worshipped’ creates the idea that Colman idolises his father and because of his father’s death, he feels like a huge part of his identity is gone.
Since he found out that his father was a woman, it’s as if Colman questions whether he loved his father for who he really was or whether he was admiring the mask that his father put on. This most definitely impacted on how Colman viewed himself.
The use of short sentences in the novel emphasises the power of a word and indicates a thought, the use of short sentences conveys how Colman’s thoughts were not running smoothly and he was struggling to understand himself. Throughout the novel Kay does not indicate which character is talking straight away. Rather Kay keeps the novel flowing with different characters voices and thoughts interrupting another. The idea that the novel is not structured to a specific format showcases the fragmentation of the character of Colman’s identity.
‘Trumpet’ reveals that Colman felt he had become the person he was because of his father. All of the values of a man Joss Moody taught him had to some extent shaped how he was,

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