factors affecting guest choice of hotel

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Johnson & Wales University ScholarsArchive@JWU MBA Student Scholarship The Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School 2-14-2013 Factors Affecting Students’ Decision of Hotel Selection Mingyang Liu Johnson & Wales University - Providence, MGL375@wildcats.jwu.edu Ritong He Johnson & Wales University - Providence, RGH625@wildcats.jwu.edu Follow this and additional works at: http://scholarsarchive.jwu.edu/mba_student Part of the Hospitality Administration and Management Commons, Marketing Commons, and the Tourism and Travel Commons Repository Citation Liu, Mingyang and He, Ritong, "Factors Affecting Students’ Decision of Hotel Selection" (2013). MBA Student Scholarship. Paper 17.…show more content…
Customer Satisfaction Oliver (1981) defined customer satisfaction as a customer’s emotional response 4 STUDENTS’ DECISIONS ON HOTEL SELECTION to the use of a product or service. That means service satisfaction is a function of consumers’ experiences during the period of service encounter. Findings from previous research state that most travelers consider the following hotel attributes when choosing a hotel: cleanliness, location, room rate, security, service quality, and the reputation of the hotel chain (Knutson, 1988; Choi & Chu, 2000; Ndhlovu & Senguder, 2002). There are two important principles learned by the guest service industry. One is that what hotels are providing on the settings should match customers’ expectation. Another one is that to create an environment that meets customers’ needs for safety, security, support, competence, physical comfort and psychological comfort (Fottler, Ford, Roberts, Ford, & Spears Jr., 2000). Service satisfaction is a function of the setting and the consumers’ experiences during the service encounter. The lack of quality services can also cause hotel businesses unbearable loss. In other words, satisfying customers is especially important to encourage repeat business and fosters
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