factors affecting the bsba student during ojt

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The purpose of this study is to determine the level of perception on factors affecting the performance of BSBA students during On-the-Job Training. The significant difference on the perception level when the respondents are grouped according to profile was also considered. This study were participated by fifty (50) selected BSBA students from evening and upward mobility program (UMP). Descriptive-comparative type of research was employed in this study. Respondents were selected through purposive sampling technique. Results have revealed that majority of the respondents is female ages 20-23 years old which comprised about 78% of the total population. It also shows the
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On-the-Job Training takes place in a normal working situation, using the actual tools, equipment’s, documents, and materials for trainees to be fully trained. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capacity, capability and performance. The BSBA program integrates theory and practice to provide you with a strong management and service orientation as well as a global perspective of business operations. The BSBA students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the workplace as well as a numerous industry related activities scheduled during the school year. The program prides itself on interacting with the industry and building a network which promotes career preparations and development.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: This study aimed to identify the factors affecting the performance of BSBA students during On-the-Job Training. Specifically it sought to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

a) Age
b) Gender
c) Year level, and
d) Course program

2. What is the level of perceptions of the respondents on the factors affecting OJT performance based on:

a) Time Management
b) Personality
c) Problems encountered, and
d) Competence

3. Is there a significant difference on the factors affecting OJT performance when grouped according to
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