falling in love

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A lot of people who fall in love with a certain person cannot explain why this has happened to them when they are being asked. This is because romantic love has a very mysterious nature which cannot be easily explained and in this essay we are going to examine, as far as research allows us, some of those factors. Romantic love could be best explained as an emotion that guides a person to be attracted to another. Falling in love is an expression of loving somebody madly. Lamm and Wiesmann (1997) claimed that; 'liking ' is the desire to interact with another person, but 'love ' is also involving trust and being excited by another person. This suggests that there is a difference between 'liking ' and 'love '. Sometimes we fall in love …show more content…
The establishment of relationships rather attempts to diagnose tool (Sternberg, 1988) that is constructed based on the Triangular Theory.
Research by Dutton & Aron (1974) has examined the transfer of excitation in men and this directly explains why people fall in love. The normal excitation is a non-specific reaction with certain duration. Residues excitation from a previous state can be transferred to a new and heighten physical stimulation. In this particular study an attractive woman interviewed men as crossing either a suspension bridge of ropes, or a constant wooden bridge. Each participant was asked to recount a history in a deliberately vague image of a young woman. When they had finished the woman gave them her phone number if they wished to learn more about the study. As the researchers had predicted, the stories of participants who crossed the drawbridge apparently had greater physiological arousal and they contained more sexual references. Also, it was more likely to call the researcher after the investigation. This study showed that men misinterpreted their physical arousal, which was anxiety and in fact thought that the female researcher who asked them to complete the study was the main cause. Another explanation would be that men who selected the dangerous bridge were more risky and that those who crossed the normal bridge were more safe. Following from the alternative explanation the researcher conducted a follow up study by asking men to cross the
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