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Sarah Junkin Woodard presented a seminar on the difficulties concerning the Nicaraguan people and the daily struggles they must overcome in order to survive within their environment. Currently, Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America after Haiti. Almost half of the people in Nicaragua live in rural areas where most struggle to survive on 2 United States dollars per day. Despite these horrible conditions, there is hope in this region. Overall poverty rates in Nicaragua have decreased in recent years, but natural disasters and distortions within the international market have led to an increase in poverty within various regions of Nicaragua. Due to these circumstances, more than 90% of people live on less than 2 United States Dollars per day. The individuals who are most susceptible to these conditions include small-scale farmers, landless farm workers, and their families. To combat poverty within this area, Woodard has established the Jubilee House Community (JHC) in order to provide farmers with a sustainable economic condition where they are able to yield crops for the various foreign markets without having to cut down forests or reduce the local food production. In addition to their economic and agricultural aid, the JHC also provides health care to all Nicaraguans. Universal health care is a basic right provided by the Nicaraguan Constitution. However, due to the national debt and extensive poverty, the government has not been able to provide adequate

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